The Temptation of Taj, 2023

30” x 44”
Ink on Rives BFK Paper

Every year I create a self-portrait as a means of both logging my experiences and pushing the limits of my dexterity. Over the years I’ve come to know myself more through the ways in which I portray myself. What started as a quite literal form of self-discovery has turned into something that’s forced me to look at myself more deeply.

My work explores eroticism, identity and the parts of ourselves that we either highlight or obscure for the sake of social acceptance. What does it mean to be experienced as an object of desire? How do we represent ourselves as authentic beings while simultaneously projecting and reflecting particular facets of ourselves in order to navigate through the world with a level of safety?

Self portrait, 2020
India ink on watercolor paper

Self portrait, 2021
Acrylic on canvas